Monday, February 8, 2010

again, my mistake..

i'm always being like this..
keep repeating the same mistake..
i'm always confusing with my angka giliran in SPM!!
i'm still taught that my number was JF069B045
but my real number was JF097B045!!!
what the hell!!
i'm keep thinkin jf069 bcoz that is my old school number..
smjk pei hwa!!!
not mrsm muar!!
what happen to me??
i think i wrote the wrong number on my paper!!
what a big silly mistake!!
but i hope that paper will be bio not math~
bcoz i'm not confident in bio..
if it is math~~
hmm.. i'm speachless.. cannot imagine that..
i discover this mistake after i wrote those wrong number 
in one of my paper...
but i did my double check at that time
what about the others??
p/s: what will happen to my result???

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