Sunday, June 12, 2011

minggu kedua..


err.. okay.. dah masuk minggu ke dua untuk semester kedua.. yeah, wifi macam chipsmore.. assigment yang tiba-tiba muncul.. haish.. busy kan? sebenarnya tak la busy sangat. cuma terlebih beri perhatian kat tumblr.. dan fb terutamanya.. maaf, blog... terabai kamu ye.. but thanks to my blog sebab tak merajuk.. hehe... okay, yang bawah2 nie dr tumbr.. enjoy it..

You Can Only Love Me..
SJ : You love him?
HN : Yes. He loved only me for four years.
SJ : Then, you can love him just because he love you?
HN : Yes. I’m tired of one-sided love.
SJ : You can’t. You only love me.
HN : What’s with that confident?
SJ : Am I wrong?
HN : Yes. Yes! What’s good in that?
SJ : Never say that you love any other guys beside me.
HN : Hmm. This is second.
SJ : What?
HN : Kiss
SJ : This is should be the third. Forget about it, you don’t have to count anymore.
p/s: hey, you can only love me! 

 p/s/s: entry berat sebab banyak pic.. maaf.. yeah, it's true i fall in love.. with someone that i never expected to fall for..

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