Saturday, January 28, 2012

the road not taken or..


is a little to late
okay, firstly i want to ask forgiveness to you... i'm so sorry.. i know it's my fault.. if and only if i patient at that time.. if and only if i give you a little bit of time.. if and only if i can turn back the time.. but i know it can't be happen.. even the sky is falling down.. it's impossible! and sometimes i do feel regret with my own decision a long time ago.. n i made you disappointed with my decision and left you behind.. but.. i made my decision, my choice.. n i won't turn back.. even i wish i could.. just i want to say sorry to you... :)
i'm so sorry..

what am i saying.. okay.. just a rant.. i just want to rant.. i feel better now.. at least i ask for your forgiveness.. (okay, entry merepek dalam bi.. jangan baca.. tak penting pun kot..)

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