Wednesday, May 9, 2012

my past =)


It have been ages I didn't update.. okay.. Firstly, I'm sorry for my broken English.. I'm just trying to improve my English.. hoho.. Weird huh? actually, my last semester result wasn't too bad nor too good.. Alhamdulillah, I keep my pointer above 3 but I didn't reach my target which is I really want to get dean list again for the semester.. So, my target for the next semester is dean list of course..

Actually I just want to tell a story.. When I'm doing my foundation in engineering last year, or maybe last two year I think, I dismissed.. Because of my pointer.. I didn't achieve their requirement.. The foundation should took 2 semester, but I failed in the middle of my study.. which is right after the first semester.. It was hard..but I promise to myself that I can success even I need to start all over again.. yeah.. I need to start from below.. but when having the hard time, my friend of mine who also took foundation in engineering had his hard time.. His pointer is low but much higher than me.. He want to take diploma and leave the foundation after his parent mad at him because of his result.. He want to give up.. but for me, he still had chance to finish his foundation because   his pointer is okay to continue.. i advised him to continue.. and I don't know that he followed my advised.. and now he is studying in electrical.. and he is happy because he did the right choice because he didn't give up and now, he is a degree student..  I'm happy for him.. :) but in the same time, I feel a little bit sad.. I miss my life there.. I miss my friends there.. I feel ashamed to say 'hi' to them.. It's not just because I got dismissed but there is another reason.. I feel ashamed to myself.. Only one friend (that I get to know her there) that I keep in touch.. She really give me courage to 'wake up' and give me spirit to start all over again.. But I haven't contact her really often.. I really miss her.. Surprisingly, she gave me a necklace for my birthday.. I really appreciate that! and I didn't give anything for her birthday.. damn! How bad am I.. She taught me many things.. I miss her.. seriously.. She always know how to make me laugh and I only can depends to her.. I miss old time badly. Sometime.

Sometime the past is not always to be forgotten, it is meant to be lessons well learned.. :) So, let the past make me have the spirit to continue and get a better result and prove to them that i can make it! :p


NisaAdnan said...

kadang2 kita kena tgk bawah jugak utk berda di atas :)

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