Friday, October 29, 2010

i wanna someone=)

i wanna someone..
to hug me
make me feel safe
make me comfort
be a shoulder to cry on
and always be there for me..

i wanna someone..
to tell me how pretty i am
to tell me how strong i am
to tell me how special i am
even though i know i'm not
and to tell me,
"hey, everything gonna be alright my dear.."

i wanna someone...
to wipe my tears
to cheer me up
to make me comfort
to make me feel safe
to tell me what should i do
whenever i lost myself..

but somehow i think
i don't need that person
i have my family who really cares about me
i have a blog to write everything i feel
i have many friends to support me
i have tissues to wipe my tears
i have facebook to make me laugh 
i have mirror to smile at me
i have my voice to tell me that i am the special thing in universe
and i have my pillows which i can hug, punch, scream and cry on it..
what else i want??

i wanna love!!
but hey,
love someone is nothing
to be love by someone is something
to be love by someone you love is exciting..
but to be love by ALLAH is everything..

p/s: hasil nukilan aku sendiri..sorry for the broken english..

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